Crunchy Sweety:
Hear the Sound of Happiness

Crunchy Sweety contains toppings that add another taste to the chocolate. Including waffle, crisp granola, sprinkles, almonds, pocky cookie, banana chips, coconut strips, pistachio. Love the crisp mouthfeel? This is the perfect one for you!

Give Me All:
Try Everything out in One

Give Me All just like its name—it has a little bit of everything. It includes random fruits, cookies, flowers, sprinkles, nuts, crisp granola...etc. Not sure which type of topping you like the most? Pick the Give Me All and find what you love! Oh but, you probably still can't pick your favorite because ALL of them is so good.

Flower Dance:
The Sweetness in Nature

Looking for some potpourri to balance out the sweetness? You will love Flower Dance. With osmanthus, rose, jasmine, baby chrysanthemum. Mmm hmm, not only does it it smells amazing, it also tastes incredible! Bored with the taste of sweet? Let the flowers wake up your tongue again. It's also great for the wedding treats!

Fruit Lover:
Let's Go to the Fruitland

Fruit and chocolate are always perfect couples. We know you love it so we made the Fruit Lover for you. It contains dried orange, strawberry, grape, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, coconut, tangerine, banana chips, and more! Every bite you take, feel the mixture of different fruit with the silky chocolate. I am in, are you?

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