Seize the Light

This is an illustration created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The concept of this illustration is that sometimes we might face dark times and feel hopeless. However, try to remember that if you see a shadow, that's because there is light behind you.

Oops! You Got Lost

Seeing a 404 page can be frustrating. I created this illustration hoping to make this experience a little less painful.

Windmill on the Hill

This is a flat illustration with some micro animation. It was created for the "Hello Dribbble" shot. I used dribbble's color scheme and its basketball element to tie it with their brand.

The Taiyaki Store

This is a 2.5D illustration with some micro animation. It's a Taiyaki (a fish-shaped cake with red bean filling) store. I created this because I wanted to practice 2.5D illustration and Taiyaki is one of my favorite snacks.

Let's Go Higher

"Up" is the first artwork I created with C4D. The concept behind this is that I want to remind myself to always look up and try to push myself to go beyond my limits.

It's the Time of the Year

This is a set of icons with Christmas elements. It's a practice piece for iconography. I also used these icons as the illustrations on the stickers I used for my handmade chocolate that I sent to my friends and family during Christmas.


This is a set of food icons. I used different colors to represent different food in order to create a colorful set of icons. I believe delicious food can lighten people’s mood, so does delightful icons.

TV Bumper

This is a C4D animation practice piece. It was my first animation piece with C4D. Creating animation with new software was challenging but fun; I hope I will get a chance to learn more about C4D in the future.

How Dog Changed One's Life

This is a video based on a real life story that expresses the idea of the positive influences a dog or a pet can have on someone’s life. They are not just animals. The moment we decided to take them home, they are family.

Shop 657 in Wonderland

This is a fashion project I've done for my senior collection. This project was developed from sketches to the final garment with the combination of illustration skills, pattern making skills, draping skills and sewing skills.

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