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A rebranding project for a Hunan cuisine restaurant


Individual Rebranding Project

  • Rebranding
  • Style Guide
  • Illustration
  • Prototype
  • Motion Graphic
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects


My Home Hunan Cuisine is a new foodies’ favorite in Albany. There is no doubt that the food here is great in both appearance and taste. However, the branding of the restaurant is not as good as their food. The final deliverable includes brand guidelines, collaterals, merchandising items mockup, design assets, advertisement, prototype animation for website, interactive menu, and environmental display.

1.1 logo

Logo Design

The logo is designed on the grid with the concept of "home" in the Chinese character and an open door shape to welcome people.

Mono & Color Logo Options

The logo works on both light color background and dark color background. Follow this rule of coloring.

1.2 Logo Usage Rules

Spacing & Clearspace

Use this spacing and clearspace guide to make sure the logo is properly placed with enough room around it.

Minimum Size

Only use the logo no less than the minimum size requirements to preserve the logo quality.

Forbidden Usages

Only use the Logo in the proper way to keep the brand style and concept consistent.

1.3 color system

Classic and Modern

Red and gold are classic colors in Chinese culture. I chose to use a shade that's not a typical "Chinese red" to keep the classic element while giving it a modern touch.

1.4 Typography

Clean and Easy to Read

Typography choice is made to make sure all the text is easy to read. The clean, geometrical shape also brings a modern feel.

2.1 Mockup Collaterals

Emphasize the Brand

Mockup collaterals are examples showing how the logo can be used on multiple media. It helps promote the restaurant and reinforce the brand style.

2.2 Business Collaterals

Keep the Brand Consistent

Business collaterals are designed to help the restaurant promote itself to the public. The consistency of the brand remains the same.

business card
outside signage
2.3 Advertisement
3.1 Iconography

Tasty Icons

Lined icons are designed to represent a clean style. Each category of different dishes has its special element.

3.2 Illustration

Delicious Illustration

Illustrations are used in the website menu and tablet menu for different categories of dishes.

3.3 Website

Attractive and Functional

The prototype of the restaurant has an attractive interface and fun interactions. It does not only help to display information about the restaurant, users can also check out the menu here or make reservations.

3.4 Tablet Menu

Easy and Fun

A tablet menu is designed for the customers in the restaurant to easily place an order or ask for assistance. This interactive menu is easy to use and contains interesting interactions.

04. conclusion


A full brand package is designed for My Home Hunan Cuisine including logo, business card, website, interactive menu, and advertisement. It helps to make the restaurant's visual as appealing as its great food.


This project was the first time for me to get to know the brand identity. I've faced many challenges during the development process but also gained a lot. There is a lot of things to keep in mind when creating a brand style guide.

It's important to keep the brand consistent, so people could recognize the brand.

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